Beautiful wedding venues in Austria

No matter where you go, always follow wherever your heart takes you and then stay for awhile.  And where else would dwelling be better, than in the beautiful heart of Europe – Austria.

The world’s capital of romantic elegance and classical music, the homeland of “gemütlichkeit” and world-famous desserts. It is right here where impressive natural landscapes are situated at the doorsteps of urban centers. It is right here, where love stories have made history and allowed us to revive their glamorous and romantic times every now and again.

Depending on the season you might favor getting married with a panoramic mountain-view, while sailing across a crystal clear lake or surrounded by historic city charm. High-class venues of all kind can be found scattered across Austria, no matter if you are looking for a castle wedding, traditional venue or impressive modern architecture.

We will plan your wedding, where Empress Sissi or the Trapp family have left their traces, virtuosos of classical music played their debuts or in the exclusive homes of the former Austrian aristocrats. Or simply wherever a welcoming atmosphere ensures you have the perfect setting you wish for on your wedding day. Get excited over culinary highlights and horse-drawn carriages driving around the city centers, thrill your guests with traditional Austrian dancing or world-class entertainment and be impressed by the high standard of quality and lifestyle.

Overwhelmed by so many positive features, we no wonder, Austria is rated amongst Europe’s best hideaways for bridal couples, it actually seems like “happily ever after” begins right here.

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